Personal Profile

Computer Background

I worked in the computer business as a Systems Analyst for 6 years and Software Tester for 2 years where I built up strong computer skills while developing business systems. In recent years, I have been building essential home computer skills as I retrained for tutoring business – PC Tutor.  I now feel well prepared to show people how to fully use their computer to carry out their home projects.

Tutoring Experience
I worked voluntarily for Age Action in City Centre (for 6 months, two afternoons per week), teaching basic computer skills to retired adults. I have also been providing lessons locally in the Dublin area since Sept 2016, and I have received good feedback so far.  I carry out lessons at an average frequency of about 4-6 per month, and I plan on continuing to build upon this over coming months as the service becomes more popular.
Approach to Grinds
My initial approach is to ask learner what they would like to cover, as I usually find that they have immediate need for having questions answered to help them with home projects. I then let learner know about the 10 pre-prepared lessons I can present, or customised lessons I can prepare, to suit their needs.