Computer Buying Advice

I am currently providing a Windows Computer Buying Advice service throughout Ireland. I feel it is a much needed service as some people can find it hard to make the right choice due to the wide range of computers available on the market.

I started out with this service by advising family and friends on what Windows computers to buy. I usually recommended specific models to suit their needs or I would review offers that they saw online. I developed my knowledge of computers by doing a PC Maintenance course plus I’ve also worked in the IT business as an IT Analyst.

If you would like to avail of this service, then the first step is to fill-in the short online questionnaire below so that I can find out what type of computer user you are.

Once that’s done, I will then figure out the computer spec that would suit your needs and search the internet for matching computers which have had a good review. I will then send you a list of 3 recommended computers by email plus the online stores where they can be purchased.