My name is Brendan, and I provide Microsoft Windows PC Tutoring services to home computer users in the Dublin area and online throughout Ireland. I can either present pre-prepared or customised lessons (click on Computer Lessons), or I can carry out various practical computer workshops with learner’s participation (click on Computer Workshops).

I am providing the services on an expenses only basis, while I establish the business. I see this approach as a way to provide a useful service to everyone in the Dublin area, while also building up a clientele who will hopefully continue to avail of the service on a regular basis.

The service is designed to be convenient and fit in with learner’s weekly schedule. I can travel to their home and carry out training at a time that suits them. They will get individual attention that caters for their specific needs – I send learner a Training Needs Assessment by email to identify the areas that need improving. I always work at a pace that suits learner, so that they get the maximum benefit from each lesson.

Receiving a one-to-one computer lesson is a great way to learn about essential computer topics, and it can serve as a springboard to further learning. After taking a few one-to-one lessons, a learner will then be ready to do an online computer course, or follow an internet article or ebook on a computer topic of their choice. So they can take their computer studies as far as they wish!