Windows 10

Windows 10 Essentials
This lesson covers the main steps to get started with learning how to use Windows 10 (now an essential upgrade from Windows 7 & 8).  Also covered, are ways of personalising Windows 10, productivity tips to boost work performance, and ways to keep a computer secure.   This handouts have been reviewed to make sure it provide plenty of information to support the Learner during/after lesson.  They have also had a technical review, to ensure that they are technically accurate and in line with latest advances in the area.

How to maintain your Laptop Battery
Batteries need to be cared for properly — they’re a critical part of all mobile devices and battery technology hasn’t advanced as fast as other technologies. Myth about Laptop/Mobile Phone Batteries Old NiMH and NiCd batteries had a “memory effect” and had to be completely discharged from 100% to 0% to keep their capacity. Modern devices use Lithium Ion batteries, which work differently and have no memory effect. In fact, completely discharging a Li-ion battery is bad for it. Laptop Battery Recharging Routine You should try to perform ...