Computer Lessons

I currently provide the following pre-prepared lessons of 1 hour duration on a Microsoft Windows computer. I can present them to an individual learner on a one-to-one basis, or to a small family group. Since June 2018, I have been providing online computer lessons to a learner based anywhere in Ireland using online meeting software.

I follow a structured lesson plan and I provide a Plain English handout to learner by email so that they can do activities and revise lesson in their own time.

Lesson 1 – Windows 10 Essentials
This lesson covers the main steps to get started with learning how to use Windows 10 (now an essential upgrade from Windows 7 & 8). Also covered, are ways of personalising Windows 10, productivity tips to boost work performance and ways to keep a computer secure. If learner is in some way restricted in using computers, I can also cover accessibility features.

Lesson 2 – Internet and Email
This lesson starts off by covering the main features of an Internet browser, like Chrome or Firefox, and email apps, like Gmail or Outlook. I then move on to visit some general Internet websites, which include: checking out online TV and radio, booking a flight with a leading airline, and finishing with accessing government websites.  Additionally, a learner will find out how to ‘surf the internet’ safely and protect their private data and computer from online threats.

Lesson 3 – Calendar, Tasks and Notes
This lesson starts by covering an approach to managing your Calendar and Tasks.  I then move on to covering the main features of Google Calendar, which includes: calendar views, creating events or reminders, and creating/sharing calendars.  I also give demo of Toodledo,  a leading task management app for web and smartphone, and Evernote, an excellent note taking desktop app which is also available as a web and smartphone app.

Lesson 4 – Manage Your Finances
For anyone who wants to have more control over their personal finances, this lesson introduces a proven approach to personal budgeting and expense reporting.  I start off with a simple Credit Union Budget Planner and move on to a demo of an Excel budgeting spreadsheet with basic cash flow forecasting.  I finish up with a demo of AceMoney Lite, a very popular personal finance program, where you will learn how to import your online banking transactions and produce expense reports. Topics also covered include: paying bills online, comparison websites for electricity, gas, broadband and TV, and a quick look at useful government services.

Note: With above lesson, it’s not necessary for the learner to reveal any personal finance information, as all data used is for demo purposes only.

Lesson 5 – Social Networking
Facebook remains the social network that has the largest proportion of its members in Ireland using it daily i.e 74%, with Twitter at 32% and LinkedIn at 27%. It’s a great way of keeping in touch with family and friends and sharing news, favourite music and videos, and articles and books read. Google+ and Twitter are also covered to a lesser extent.

Lesson 6 – Google Docs / Microsoft Office Online
For this lesson, I use the example of booking a short weekend break to a European City. I show how the main applications within an office suite (like Google Docs Suite or Microsoft Office Online) can be used to record details that will help a traveller keep track of the activities below. This would result in a better organised holiday and peace of mind while travelling.

  • Travel Budget – Google Sheets/MS Excel
  • Daily Travel Itinerary – Google Calendar/MS Outlook
  • Holiday Packing List – Google Docs/MS Word

Lesson 7 – Digital Photography Workflow
Digital photography workflow is an end-to-end system of working with digital images, from capture to delivery. This lesson takes learner through the highlighted steps below:

  1. Setting up the camera and capturing images
  2. Transferring images to a PC
  3. Organizing Images on a PC
  4. Importing images into a photo application
  5. Post-processing images – Basic Image Editing Process
  6. Exporting images
  7. Printing or publishing images to the web
  8. Backing up images

Lesson 8 – Backup Solutions
This lesson introduces various options available for backing up important data files. If one of these methods is implemented, then a computer user will have peace of mind should their computer hard drive fail or their computer be stolen. A learner will also find out how to always have an automatic up-to-date backup available.