The main purpose of this spreadsheet is to allow a learner track study done on training courses, either college based or online. So a learner could then find out how well they are reaching milestones like: completing a specific course, reaching a career goal or being ready to apply for an ideal job.

There are many study planners available on the internet, which are a good first step. But once planning is done, this Study Tracker spreadsheet allows you to monitor progress with tasks listed in your plan. So, you then start seeing the results you had hoped for.

Note: This spreadsheet is especially suitable for someone retraining for work while at home, as it can track progress accurately and keep you motivated. This is achieved by viewing study stats, focusing on main projects on the dashboard and checking %done for each task on the project schedule.

This full version allows 5 projects to be tracked while the trial version only allows 2 projects.

On-going support is provided by email and it also includes a help guide to get you started.

Compatible with Excel 2007 or higher