Manage your Tasks with Toodledo

In this section we will introduce a well featured To-Do List called Toodledo which is recommended by personal productivity website in an article on how to use to-do lists.

Task management is important for the simple reason that personal success seems to be the result of knowing what you want to do then directing action towards it. So, without a clear list of prioritised tasks, there can be no directed action.

Actively managed tasks lists also create a certain degree of accountability in ourselves. It very clearly indicates where we have fallen short of in terms of directed action, and is a good (if somewhat pressure-free) wakeup call to get more done.

Toodledo Features covered in this Lesson

Add a single task using Quick Add or by clicking on Add Task button.

Add multiple tasks from a list.

Sorting Tasks into best order to identify tasks to be done next.

e.g Sort by Importance/Folder or Sort by Folder/Due Date

Toodledo - Tasks in Importance Order.jpg

Toodledo - Tasks in Folder Order.jpg

Rollover tasks

These are tasks which are carried over from yesterday to today. There are three methods for dealing with these.

  1. Leave the task as overdue as this is important information to know or remove due date as a due date is only for tasks that are absolutely due on a particular day. If the task does not have a hard due-date then it might be better to omit it and give it high priority so you can make time to complete it.
  2. Use optional repeating as an optional task will automatically get moved to the next occurrence if the due-date passes.
  3. Use the Multi-Edit feature to quickly change the due date on a group of overdue tasks.
  4. View Recently Completed Tasks :-

Toodledo - Recently Completed.jpg

From the Main View, Click on Recently Completed

Delete a Task

Go to Recently Completed tab and click on trash icon or

Click the action icon  to cause popup menu below to appear and click the ‘Delete Task’ link.

When task deleted then check ‘Recently Delete Tasks’ in account settings to see tasks that have been deleted.

Using Toodledo with GTD Productivity Method

Click on this link -

Activity - Input, Organise and Prioritise Sample Tasks List

In this Activity, we will Input, Organise and Prioritise a set of sample tasks together as a class so that we will all be seeing the same result as we progress.

Open up the document Toodledo Sample Tasks in PC Tutor Activity Files

Select all tasks and copy using edit/copy option or ctrl + c

Add tasks to Toodledo using the Add Multiple Tasks option as shown below…

Toodledo - Add Multiple Tasks.JPG

Save the tasks above and the screen below will be displayed with all task listed in their basic form.

Toodledo - Tasks added multiply.JPG

  1. Add the following Folders by selecting the Organise/Folders option from main menu :-
  • Admin
  • Finance
  • Shopping
  • Study
  • Holidays
  • Home
  • Leisure
  • Misc
  • Work

Categorise all the tasks into the most appropriate folder and then Sort by Folder
Toodledo - Folder Order for Activity 2.jpg

Now that the tasks have been added to Folders, the next step is to set the Due Date, Repeat and Priority where necessary.

So for task Check Tax on PAYE Online, Set Due Date to January 1st, Repeat Yearly and High Priority

Review all other tasks and decide which ones should have a Due Date, Repeat and Priority set.

--- End of Activity ---

Activity - Import Tasks List.

In this activity we will import a Task List which could have come from some other task manager which exports in the iCal format.

In the shared folder Calendar Tasks and Notes - download the file toodledo sample tasks.ics by right clicking on the file name and selecting the download option.

In Toodledo, select option Tools/Import/Export/Backup as shown below.

Toodledo - select Import Option.jpg

You will be presented with the following screen…click on More Details in the highlighted iCal Import / Export tool

Toodledo - Import Option Highlighted.jpg

Select toodledo sample tasks file to be imported…

Toodledo - Browse for Import File.jpg

You will be presented with the following screen (or similar).

Toodledo - Continue with Import.jpg

Click on  and tasks will be imported and can then be Categorised and Prioritised as required.

--- End of Activity ---

Task Management Basics

To-do lists are essential to good time-management practice. They provide a guideline for what items are to be completed within a given amount of time. You may want to create a list weekly or daily. Either way, to-do lists help you remember what you need to do.

Completing a list each day can help you see how much you have got done. Place a mark next to high-priority items so you know at a glance what you should devote your time to first.

Prioritise Tasks

In order to prioritise tasks, you have to clearly set a “priority categories” for each one. For example, how do you categorise something you have to do today to make it stand out from something that must be done by next week? The first step is to come up with categories to help you decide what tasks should be done first. Your categories might look something like this:

  1. Absolutely Urgent: These must be done right away or by a deadline and are important to your job, your family, or to you personally.
  2. Urgent: These are important to you, your family, or your job, but don’t have a deadline.
  3. Chores: These are things you don’t necessarily want to do but have to do anyway.
  4. Maybe: These are things you would like to do, but they aren’t especially important and it doesn’t matter if you do them today, tomorrow, or next week.
  5. Dreams, Wishes, and Ideas: These are things you might like to do but have no immediate importance in your life.

Using categories such as these may be confusing at first, but, as you continue to work with them, you will start automatically assigning categories as soon as you receive a task. Once you do that, you can figure out when something should be done and whether you need to give immediate attention to it or whether it can wait.

Just as important as categorising your tasks, is finding a way for you to manage the list. Task lists are ever changing and evolving. New tasks are added, some tasks are completed and others are no longer important for now.

Time management is all about focus and consistency. Put these basic skills into practice every day and you will see that managing your time will get easier and easier.